Sunday, November 23, 2008

Sunday Morning Run

Old Man Winter continues his visit, but I really enjoy the tranquility of winter. Running on the backroads of the dump loop gave the opportunity to enjoy the sound of the wind whipping through naked tree limbs while the sun at least gave the illusion of warmth.

Felt pretty good today. A bit creaky the first two miles, but looser as the run progressed and as a result the pace picked up subconsciously, but still not too fast. Good recovery run.

Ran 5.6 miles @ 8:16/mile pace.
AHR/MHR - 146/159
Paved and dirt roads.
Very hilly.
Lower 20s, sunny, windy.
Long pants, fleece jacket, long sleeved shirt, short sleeved shirt, beanie, gloves.


Love2Run said...

No snow yet I guess? Take care on the slippery roads.

rundangerously said...


thanks for stopping by the blog. noticed you're into ham radio - awesome! my hamming days few and far between, but great to see another running ham :D