Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Recovery Run

Day off yesterday, and a day at a recovery pace and short distance today to allow ample recovery from the bigger runs this past weekend. Will continue this plan for the next few weeks while I gradually work the mileage back up.

Have been thinking lately that incorporating speed or tempo workouts once a week would be beneficial. People have different theories that are often contradictory on the benefits of speed workouts for ultra training, but I think for me they definitely help. Will start to implement them in the next week or two. Would like to continue to get used to the new heel lift and allow my body to adjust first.

Ran 5.6 miles @ 8:34/mile pace.
AHR/MHR - N/A (accidentally left the strap on my desk at home)
Paved roads, patches of slush.
Mostly flat.
Mid 20s, mostly sunny.
Long pants, fleece jacket, short sleeved shirt, beanie, gloves.


Laurel said...

I haven't run nearly as fast in my ultras since I stopped doing regular speed work about five years ago. I've added it back to my training over the past few months and I think it is already helping. Of course, we'll have to wait for my next ultra to tell for sure. Good luck with your training.

pathfinder said...

I enjoy speed work as it makes me feel like I am accomplishing something and the progress can be measured rather quickly. The results will show up in the next couple workouts.

As far as wether or not it helps my running in longer races, I figure it has to help some. even if just when kicking at the finish.

Blaine Moore said...

"There are no health benefits for running faster. It’s only for the ego." -- Jeff Galloway

I think that regular speed work will make a big difference in your ultra runs, because it makes you more efficient at processing oxygen at faster speeds. Even though you won't be running that fast, you still will become more efficient at the paces you run the ultra at, which will only help.

The thing to bear in mind, though, is that you don't want to be pushing your mileage up and introducing tough speed sessions at the same time. The best way to go about it for most people is to raise your mileage first, get to where you want to be, and then start doing speed work at that level of weekly mileage.

If you are going to start doing speedwork now, then start out slow and don't jump into 3 sessions per week while bringing your mileage up 10-15% or something silly like that. Start with 1 speed session per week and keep the number of reps slow until you've had a while to adapt to the new stresses.

Jamie said...

Three sessions per week?! Are you on crack? Dude, once a week would be plenty.

Blaine Moore said...

I used that as an extreme example. And if you did, you wouldn't be the first person, heheh.