Monday, February 19, 2007

XC Skiing

XC Skied 1.25 miles
AHR = 119
Snowmobile trails.
Moderately hilly.
17 degrees, sunny.

Today's a rest day, but I figured it wouldn't hurt to do a little XC skiing in the woods behind my house. Took it easy and was careful not to twist anything that's not meant to be twisted. My neighbor packed down the trails nicely with his snowmobile, and they were the perfect firmness for skiing. Was able to push up the hills easily and had a lot of fun zooming down them.

I should have brought my camera out there and posted some pictures. Very beautiful back there. Next time for sure.


Kurt said...

Yeah, where are the pix? I have a tiny crapcam I picked up for $15 at a WalMart. Takes lousy pictures, but it's so small and convenient and I figure ANY picture is better than NO picture. 'Course the batt was dead when I grabbed it before my run today. Figures.

BTW, found you through Rose's site, Marathon Bound.

Bapp said...

Nice engine check a couple of days ago. Looks like all the pistons are well oiled. Now you are sitting in idle for the next couple of days until you redline - or at least run close to redline for a long time.