Monday, February 26, 2007

The New Plan

Once I get confirmation from the new race director of the Sugarloaf Marathon that it will still be a Boston Qualifier, I'll sign up immediately. I emailed the RD yesterday to confirm that the race is still on, and got a quick response back that it was. The website is down though, apparentely due to the busy ski season and them being shorthanded as a result. However, I found this link which says:

"Despite the mountainous surroundings, Sugarloaf’s course has been ranked among the top 15 fastest in the nation! The first 5 miles are flat; miles 5 through 10 are rolling hills with a sustained gradual 2-mile climb at mile 8. The last 16 miles are downhill and flat for a net elevation loss of over 500’ from start to finish."

Sounds good to me. I've read and heard lots of other great things about it. The race this year is on May 20th, allowing me to continue to build on my training while also not having to wait too long. I'll run it a little smarter this time, while continuing to improve my speed and endurance.

Speaking of endurance... once Sugarloaf is said and done, I'll gear my training towards the Vermont 100. I got a confirmation email from the RD a few weeks saying I'm all set, and I've already put together an excellent crew to help me through it. Look for my name on the entrants list when they post it (should be any day now). Training for that will involve a lot more trails and hills at longer distances and slower paces.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a good plan. I'll be interested in how your training goes for this marathon.

Bapp said...

Man, sorry to read about your race. As others have noted, BQ appears to be somewhere in the near future, just not on that day with that marathon. I agree with your assessment that perhaps running at the slower 7:15 pace may help - life is about lessons learned. And as you mentioned, you get 5 additional minutes courtesy of just getting older. Good luck with your new plan. May quick success or at least many more good attempts be in your future.

Kurt said...

Sugarloaf sounds great. I still haven't picked my first 1/2 and full marathons yet.

Vermont 100, eh? Outstanding! I believe one of my cycling acquaintances, Heather Mosley, is entering that event.

Marc said...

Jamie - Sorry to hear about the race, but hey, nothing ventured, nothing gained. You've got to take the risks to gain the rewards, and with risk comes cost. I applaud your effort and your resolve.

Sugarloaf, huh? I'll keep the light on for you at the camp. I've been thinking about a long run or two on the last 20 miles of the course in April, maybe you can make it over.

Anonymous said...

Make sure you work some hill repeats into your training for the "loaf" marathon....focusing a lot on the downhill. I have not run this route, but have heard that a lot of folks sustain injuries due to the sustained downhill sections.

Enjoy and good luck

Mark said...

I supported my best friend on the Sugarloaf Course years ago and still remember the persistant downhill running.

A good choice to get a BQ; very friendly mountanious pre/post race group. Excellent mountain biking there too.

Rose said...

It never feels good to miss goals, but in retrospect it often seems life was giving us a chance at an even better way of beating them. You'll BQ in style and feeling great next time. Good luck on the new plan.