Monday, January 13, 2014

Recovery Miles

Legs felt pretty fatigued from nearly 30 miles over the weekend, almost half on snow packed trails. Didn't want to take a rest day, so a recovery run was on tap.

It totally did the job. Legs felt fatigued and a little tight at the beginning, but towards the end that nearly all went away. Energetic and loose. Great indicators in more ways than one.

Feeling better about the next two days as a result. Depending on the weather and how I feel, will do a tempo run one day and a 10-15 miler the next. Snowshoe race is on Sunday, so that'll be another speed workout. Really hope the snow holds. I know Ryan stresses out a little when it thins out (what race director wouldn't), but it's always worked out and always been fun. Like the best jazz musicians, he's great at improvising:

Ran 5.5 miles @ 8:24/mile pace.
Paved roads.
Moderately hilly.
Mid 40s, partly sunny.
Saucony Virrata, shorts, short sleeved shirt, long sleeved shirt, cap.

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