Sunday, January 26, 2014

Capping Off a 70 Mile Week

Needed a little under seven miles to bring me to seventy for the week. The choice was obvious: The woods out back.

I ran the logging trail which passes over a creek and over some short and dramatically steep hills.

I met up with the snowmobile trail that goes through a deep forest. I saw what I'm pretty sure were bobcat tracks.

The trail connects with the fire road, where I turned right and enjoyed a nice, long downhill.

I took the trail that goes up a short, scenic ridge which cuts through a bog and a pond, watching the wind blow huge clouds of powdery snow off the surface.

I took the snowmobile trail up the big hill and rejoiced when I reached the top... especially with this week, where my legs are pretty tired.

I enjoyed the long, technical downhill until I reached the trail junction.

I turned left, where there is a very fun rolling downhill section that is the perfect grade and one can really let loose. Not today though, the snow was kind of soft and uneven, but at least gravity was still on my side.

I met up with the other fireroad and turned left. It is long, flat and straight, probably the most boring section of the route but still not bad.

I turned right and stopped to look at the salmon pool before running on. It's frozen over again.

I turned left and took the snowmobile trail home, happy and content to meet my goal of running seventy miles for the week. 70.8 miles to be exact.

Extremely windy today, with gusts over 30 mph, but being in the woods I was very well protected. Running roads today would have definitely sucked. But in the forest? Perfect.

Haven't had a rest day in 12 days, so I'll be taking one tomorrow to recharge. That'll feel weird.

Ran 7.3 miles @ 10:47/mile pace.
Trails, with softly packed snow.
Very hilly.
12 degrees, sunny, very windy.
New Balance MT1010, long tights, windbreaker, long sleeved shirt, buff (for neck), beanie, gloves.

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