Thursday, August 11, 2011

Blinded By The Light

I had an eye doctor appointment today. It was my first trip to the eye doctor probably since I was three or four when I had a lazy eye that thankfully corrected itself in my early years. My reason for today's appointment was it seems it's been harder to look at things really close up. Objects in the distance also didn't seem as sharp as they have been, but I wasn't sure about that and any difference in that area was small at best.

They made me look at things and read things while looking through quite a few different sets of funny glasses and contraptions. After quite a few tests, it turns out my vision is 20/15. Okay, I was way off on that one and I guess I'm more than fine there.

For super close-up, they said I was actually at a pretty normal level for my age, but I would perhaps benefit from a cheap pair of reading glasses for close-up, but that seems moot since I hold my Kindle and other reading material well within "clear focus" distance. I don't with my smartphone though, but I probably spend more time than I should on that damn gadget anyway.

Anyhow, they also put some drops in my eyes that dilated them big time. They said it would be okay to drive with them like that as long as I had a good pair of sunglasses, which I did, but I still found it challenging. I got to work okay though. But man, any source of light was amplified big time. It was pretty nuts.

It of course dissipated over time, but by the time I got home I was still feeling some of the effects of the drops and wore the sunglasses and a cap during the run, which helped. I hoped the deer flies wouldn't be bad when I hit the dirt road, as I usually turn my cap backwards so the bill protects the back of my neck, but that would mean more light hitting my eyes. Thankfully, the deer flies were very chilled out, so that worked out well.

Kept the pace easy, but it probably would have been better if I would have went :20-:30 slower per mile. Quads were feeling a bit sore, no doubt because of a combination of the 50k the other weekend and yesterday's tempo run. No biggie though. Feeling pretty good about Sunday's race. I won't be 100%, but I should be reasonably close and hope to still put up a time that's good for me.

Ran 5.6 miles @ 7:56/mile pace.
Paved and dirt roads.
Very hilly.
Upper 70s, sunny.
Saucony Kinvara, shorts, short sleeved shirt, cap.

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iRunParis said...

I absolutely hate those drops, my whole head hurts for a while after those. Good luck on Sunday. In spite of your tired legs, I'm sure you'll rock it as usual!