Thursday, March 17, 2011

Perfect Running Weather

It was in the upper 50s and sunny this afternoon when I ran... PERFECT running weather! It was so nice to run in shorts and a short sleeved shirt and for it be warm enough to actually work up a sweat! Really enjoyable for sure.

Things didn't start off so enjoyable though... I had interval worked planned for today but discovered this afternoon that the battery in my Garmin was dead. Ugh. The track is still covered with snow so I was relying on the watch to measure my distances and times accurately. Decided to postpone it and just do a route I knew the mileage of and could calculate the pace based on my time.

As I was going down to the teachers' lounge to get some water before I headed out, I ran into the assistant superintendent of our school district, who is also a runner and qualified for Boston. His enthusiasm is about equal to mine and we chatted for a good 10-15 minutes about our plans and everything which put me in a much better mood after discovering the Garmin incident.

So, I was off. The run went well. I felt a little creaky at first but as the run went on I loosened up and let the pace drop. Pretty sure I had a solid progression going for each split.

Then, after the run, I ran into a few of the kids on the cross country team who are coming down to Boston to cheer me on and check out the race in general, which is really great of them. Most importantly, just seeing a race of that magnitude will hopefully make a few of them want to do it someday or simply keep their own momentum going. Nice to chat about Boston immediately after the run just as I did before it... I'm so pumped!

Ran 12.3 miles @ 7:25/mile pace.
Paved roads.
Very hilly.
Upper 50s, sunny.
Saucony Kinvara, shorts, short sleeved shirt.


DvB said...

Nice blog! I hear you on he nice weather! It has been beautiful in CO this week...I think spring may be here:-) That is great that the cross-country kids are coming to sheer you on! I wish I'd had a chance to do something like that when I was in high school. Enjoy the sweating...if it's like here, it could be snowing again next week LOL

Jamie said...

Thanks Davina! yeah, it's going to cool back down here too, but the closest thing to wintery weather is a sleet/rain mix in the forecast. Not out of the woods yet!