Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Crappy weather out in the form of snow mixing with cold rain. Opted for a very light cross training workout instead. Looks like the storm will move out tomorrow morning, so I'll be back on the roads tomorrow afternoon.

The snow is also melting at a pretty substantial rate. Some areas of ground with good southern exposure are even showing... gasp... the ground! Once the snow is gone, the trail running will be increased significantly. We'll obviously have a bad mud season this year, but I'll take that over mushy snow any day.

Elliptical: 4.1 miles in 25 minutes.
AHR/MHR - N/A (chose not to wear the monitor for this light of a workout).
Random hill setting.
Level 8 out of 16.


mindy said...

I think I saw some strange non-white patches on the ground too. I'm not sure what the natives call it. Perhaps "grass". I thought maybe a moose threw up.

Ange said...

no ground here yet but the snow is melting fast!! The roads are a lot less icy. Spring will be here soon!!