Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Good Day to Cross Train

Storm moving in, so I opted to hit the school's gym. Was anxious to run though, as the legs and the body are seemingly really starting to come around lately. Energy has been high lately. The nasty bronchitis/cough or whatever is finally all but gone away and my legs are raring to go. But today's workout was a good compromise with the weather. Felt strong throughout.

Elliptical: 8.3 miles in 40 minutes.
Level 10 out of 16
Random hill setting
AHR/MHR - 151/164


Love2Run said...

Will it never end (the awful weather)! As a race director for a small local race I really like your previous post. And then I almost signed up for Pineland Farms (50k) until I realized I'm doing the Cabot Trail relay that weekend. You would LOVE that race ;-) Take care.

mindy said...

Must be nice to be finally rid of the cough. The body has a way of telling us when it's done being sick and ready to run - yee haw!