Saturday, July 30, 2011

Prince Edward Island

No condos, rich peoples' vacation homes or gaudy tourist attractions on the shorelines. It's mostly farms. Seriously. Potato, corn, wheat, rapeseed and hay fields meet the land's edge where red sandstone cliffs drop into the Atlantic while ospreys patrol the skies. My kind of place for sure.

Haven't run since we've gotten to the island, but I'll get my fill of that in the 50K race tomorrow. I have been active though. Yesterday, we hiked at least five miles around Green Gables (setting of the Anne of Green Gables books) and Prince Edward Island National Park. 

The other day, we also biked around the area of our campsite/cabin and found a fish ladder which connects a tidal river with a freshwater pond, where we picnic-ed as kingfishers and finches performed acrobatic maneuvers in the air above a stream. Dessert? Wild raspberries picked along the water's edge. 

Back on the running front, feeling good about the race tomorrow aside from being mentally distracted with all of the goings on. Vacations will do that to you. It's been great spending quality time and sharing the experiences with my fiance, Kate. 

Tomorrow will be a nice addition to it all, and I look forward to meeting new folks (Kate and I are the only Americans in the race, she's doing the 25k) and running what looks to be a great course here on the island. Should be a lot of fun and I'm very excited about tomorrow! 

And now, some PEI pics:

Flowers abound

Sandstone formations at low tide

Flowers outside the home at Green Gables

Planking the sandstone

Kate under a sandstone overhang

Big crab in a tidal pool



Beach art (I didn't make it)

North Rustico

Wheat field


Owling by the stream

Local delicacy?


Sparkplug said...

Looks like you guys are having a great time! Beautiful photos!
Good luck in the race tomorrow and have fun!

Crux said...

Dude, you got this!