Saturday, July 02, 2011

Baldface Mountain Loop

The annual Baldface Mountain Loop run was today, a tradition that Ian and Jim started and they invited me along many moons ago and it's something I look forward to doing every year.

Weather was great today and I had a blast. Made it to the top of the first peak in 1h 08m, which is a new record for me. Legs felt somewhat rubbery and tired from the high mileage this week, but at the same time I didn't feel I was pushing things and I handled it relatively comfortably. Did my best to keep pace with Jeff on the way up, and I was only able to do so when he took some minor wrong turns.

We regrouped on the first peak and again at key spots. I ran with Jim along the ridge for the most part. He pulled ahead on the downhill off the ridge, and while I'm a horrible technical downhill runner, I also didn't feel like giving chase, instead opting to run down pretty moderately in favor of keeping it safe.

Kept an eye out for Chuck's camera when the trail came next to the river down below. He ran this loop yesterday and lost it in this area, but unfortunately none of us saw it.

Less than a mile from the end, we jumped in the Emerald Pool, a great swimming hole within the river that is always cool and refreshing. Jumping off the 15 foot cliff and plunging into that ice cold mountain river water is THE best way to cap off a great mountain run! So much fun, great run and great time spent with great friends.

Jeff and Andy

Looking down from where we came.

Looking northeast

Mt. Washington

Jim ascends.

Ian and Emma

Ran 9.6 miles @ 15:24/mile pace (distance might be a few tenths of a mile short, and pace doesn't include longer stops for regrouping)
Insanely hilly.
Technical mountain trails.
Mid 60s to mid 70s, sunny, humid.
Adidas Adizero XT, shorts, short sleeved shirt, cap, Nathan double water bottle belt (water and coconut water).


Crux said...

Looks like a blast, sorry I missed it!

Sparkplug said...

Great photos! Perfect day for it!