Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A Fundy Kind of Run

This post will be leaving out lots of details as there are too many and time is short, but Kate and I are on Prince Edward Island. Wow, it is gorgeous here! On the way up we stopped and stayed the night at Fundy National Park right on the bay. Stunning. Totally stunning. Woke up this morning and immediately hit the trails for a run.

The trails were rugged, steep and incredible. Much of them went through very dense red spruce forests that were darkened even more by the thick sea fog. Lush, green moss blanketed much of the grounds. It was unlike any other place that I've ever run, much less seen.

As the trail descended down the ridge, a meadow opened up and I spotted several snowshoe hares. I soon reached the park road and ran the last stretch on the grassy shoulders. It was here that I saw a coyote while coming around a bend. It was probably around a 100 feet away and I saw it first, but once I was spotted it took off running in the woods.

The people in New Brunswick and PEI both are very friendly and down to earth. Really loving it up this way. Below is a GPS track of my run and a few pics.

Ran 4.9 miles @ 10:55/mile pace.
Trails, some roads.
Extremely hilly.
Lower 60s, foggy.
Adidas Adizero XT, shorts, short sleeved shirt.

Bald Eagle
Saltwater marsh

Bay of Fundy


Kate of Fundy

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Scout said...

Sounds wonderful! Enjoy : )