Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Thank You

Just wanted to say thank you for the nice blog comments, e-mails and phone calls I've gotten during the past few days. I really do appreciate it. I don't want to get all sappy, but Chris will be in my thoughts a lot when I run the Western States in three and a half weeks and I'm dedicating my run to him.

Thanks again.



Grellan said...

Very sorry to hear about the tragic death of your friend Jamie. Sounds like a terrific guy and friend.

Luc said...

Good call on dedicating your run to him.

Wow, I read his whole story through the various news outlets and cried. He was (and still is) one inspiring dude. I never met the guy, but plan to share his story of abundant life as you have.

You're now destined to kick *ss on this race! :)