Monday, June 30, 2008

Squaw Valley - Tahoe City Pics

Here are some pictures from Thursday and Friday. Thursday was from our run up to Emigrant Pass. Friday was from my trail run on some cross country ski trails in Tahoe City. Unfortunately, it was on Friday when my camera stopped working for a while. Somewhat mysteriously, it's working again now.

Link to album page.

James and I are heading up to the White Mountains for a big run tomorrow. Need to get some tune-up work done for VT100.


Bob - said...

Jamie in black with a goteeeee looking like a bad ass mofo with your crew/pacers out VT!!

So that's how u get mountain crabs---haha

Olga said...

Jamie, sorry, man...yeah, I know, it's all been said. Hope you find some good times at VT and be back next year! Awesome pictures:)

Love2Run said...

Nice pics Jamie. That burned out tree is huge!

Thomas said...

Great photos! And Mike's right, that tree is massive.

Good luck for VT. At least you'll be in great shape for that one.