Friday, June 27, 2008

It's Official!

This year's Western States runners will have an automatic entry for 2009. Delayed gratification at it's finest and another year to daydream and prepare:

"Due to cancelation of the 2008 Western States Endurance Run, each person on this final Start List will be given an automatic entry to the 2009 event."


Marc said...

Well, there is a silver lining.

Now you can put all those Western State eggs in the Vermont 100 basket.

sn0m8n said...

Time to reset the countdown timer! WOOHOO!

Bob Gentile said...

Good News!

MaineLakeGal said...

Hi Jamie, Just saw the bad news about the WS100 and was perusing the entrants list and saw someone was running from E. Waterboro! I've been going to Little Ossipee lake my entire life, but just moved out of Norther Cal. Have attended every WS100 as a spectator, crew or aid station for the past 10 years and was bumming out about missing the race this year since I now live in NC. Am planning to attend next year so will wear my "Waterboro, ME" t-shirt and celbrate a bit of Waterboro ME glory! Good training..don't know how you stand those deer flies!

Jamie said...

Marc - Indeed! That's the plan.

Snoman and Bob - thanks!

Mainelakegal - that would be awesome! What a small world! Definitely keep in touch.

Speed Racer said...

Jamie, I JUST heard. I'm SO sorry. Although you seem cheerful, and I'm glad you get another year to prepare, I'm very sorry you're not out there on the course right now. I know you were READY and you've had a great buildup. Sorry again, and let's hope next season is even better than this one.