Friday, June 27, 2008

Runnin' Near Tahoe

The skies out here are much clearer today than they were yesterday, but this is only one area and as far as I know there are still fires threatening the course and/or access to aid stations. Went out for a great run on some awesome mountain bike trails near Tahoe City. After some climbing I had some amazing views of Lake Tahoe. The woods out here are gorgeous. Nice to experience a new ecosystem and all of the new plants, trees and critters.

Also nice to run in some altitude. Nothing crazy, but I estimate I was between 7000-8000' during today's run. I can't say it really affected me much, but I wouldn't think that's too surprising for anyone in halfway decent shape. It's just neat to be running up that high.

I've taken a lot of great pictures, but my old school camera needs a cable to talk to my laptop. I'll post them after I get on Sunday night.

As for the rest of today, my brother and I are meeting up with our friend Brooke later and we'll attend a little Western States party going on in Squaw Valley this evening. Tomorrow, another trail run and exploring the area.

is on his way out for some other adventures in the great state of Cali with his friend Danny. I can't thank these guys and my brother enough for being willing to come out and help me for the run, even though it never happened. We had a very good time all hanging out together yesterday. Stephen was cracking us up the entire time! He is one funny dude. For any members of the Trail Monster gang reading this, be sure to ask him about his mountain crabs when you see him next.

Ran 10.4 miles @ 9:47/mile pace.
Very hilly.
Upper 70s to lower 80s, sunny.
Shorts, short sleeved shirt.


UltraFlash said...

Mountain crabs? Perhaps the wife should ask about those.

Sorry about the race! Riley, Quinn and I have been thinking about you.

Safe travels home.

mindy said...

Yeah, mountain crabs? I can't wait to hear about this...

John said...

Hey Jamie, I just logged on to follow your progress, only to see that the race has been canceled. Wow!

I'm glad you have the Vermont 100 coming up so all your training isn't vested in one race. And you get a chance to do it again next year. At least this year you get a feel for the lay of the land which will help for next year.

Well, if you'd like to come to Rochester for the 4th and have a nice slow run with me, come on over. Of course, I certainly understand if you don't, and maybe we'll see you later this summer.

Give my best to Chris!

Love2Run said...

Hey Jamie,
I was thinking about you racing today and signed in to get totally blown away. That's tough but you've already moved on and are planning on raising hell at Vermont. WTG! I love your attitude, enjoy your trip out west.

Damon said...

Sorry I missed you last night. We were at the dinner, but I forgot to write down your phone number. I'll see you at Vermont, I'm sure. I'll probably weigh you in on Friday when you register.

I think I'm going to go out and do the first climb on the course this afternoon, unless the smoke returns.

It sounds like you're going home tomorrow night. We're just taking things one day at a time right now. We've got until Friday before we head home and we're just trying to have fun.

I'll be afraid to step on a scale when I get home, since I seeem to be eating and drinking instead of running. Good job getting out for a run yesterday. Even though I'm tapered and ready to go, I've been pretty lazy.


Bob Gentile said...

Well sounds like ur making the best of ur time out there... way to go!!

UltraFlash said...

boy do i itch...what are these things...nah, i'm all good now after a couple "real" showers.

good running with you, Chris, and Danny Thursday. it truly was a blast. i'm still out here in CA kicking around. seen some fun things and had a great run through some giant redwoods today. more on that later.

i'm sitting here right now, just shy of midnight PDT, thinking of what we would have been doing if God had not decided this was the right time to clean up some forest underbrush. oh well, all things for a reason and you handled it like a true champion.

Ange said...

I'm so sorry your race was cancelled...sounds like a smart decision though. Still, it's tough. I've been to Tahoe adn its' GORGEOUS! Enjoy your time there. (it's still rainy wiht thunderstorms here in ME.) Enjoy the trip!