Sunday, July 01, 2007

The Hay is in the Barn

Ran 20.o miles @ 8:01/mile pace.
AHR/MHR - N/A (strap in desperate need of cleaning)
Paved roads.
Moderately hilly.
Lower to mid 60s, partly cloudy.

Or so I hope. Three weeks until the Vermont 100, so tapering begins now. I thought that after yesterday's long run that I had more in me, so I decided then to get in another 20 miles today. I've read that back to back 20 milers are great ultra training, since it's good practice at running on tired legs. Was glad I did it.

Run itself was great. I combined two loops that I normally do. First 10.1 mile loop I did is very hilly, and I just moseyed along at around a 8:12/mile pace, enjoying the long uphill and subsequent downhill and feeling good. Two deer crossed the road not far in front of me around six miles into the run. Neat to see.

After that loop, I swung inside my house and downed 2/3 of a liter of water and took an electrolyte pill. Hurried out the door to do my 9.4 mile loop, which is only slightly hilly. Picked up the pace here, and most of the splits were under 8:00/mile, especially at the end. Reached my house and ran another .3 up the road and back to bring the mileage up to 20. Felt very good and very strong throughout the run. Good signs for sure.


Thomas said...

I ran an ultra 3 months ago, and back-to-back 20 milers were great training for that. On the other hand, my ultra was a mere 39.3 miles, which isn't even in the same ball-park as your planned race.

Enjoy the taper.

Andrew said...

Back to back. Amazing. Lydiard's conditioning program has something similar but not back to back. Friday is 18 miles and Sunday is 22. Saturday being tempo @ 10 miles.

Great paces. What is an electrolyte pill?

Love2Run said...

I'd be resting too for a 100 mile race! How do you really prepare for such an endurance event? It's almost beyond my comprehension. Good luck with it.

olga said...

Darling, you better post your Badwater contest here, as Greg Crowther just sent his readers here (he was one of the people I sent your invitation to).
Awesome long runs, I can only dream (and somewhat vaugely remember from 4 years before) such strong efforts. You'll do well.