Friday, July 06, 2007

Tempo Run on the Hills

Ran 9.7 miles @ 7:09/mile pace.
AHR/MHR - 158/177
Paved roads.
Extremely hilly.
Mid 60s, muggy.

Set out from my house on a variation of a run that I normally do that sacrificed 4/10 of a mile for more hills. Gradually picked up the speed on the first hill, where I saw a deer (a recurring theme in my runs lately) as well as a hawk. Route then goes down then up, followed by a steep downhill where I picked up the speed again.

Mile splits:
1 - 7:50
2 - 7:30
3 - 7:19
4 - 7:12
5 - 7:04
6 - 6:58
7 - 7:09
8 - 7:08
9 - 6:45
9.7 - 6:22/mile

Good run. Felt very strong throughout. Great to get in these tempo runs on hills for the Vermont 100. Just two weeks away! Can't wait.


Devon said...

you never cease to amaze and impress me. I can't wait to hear all about Vermont 100!! So exciting, I will be thinking about you in two weeks while I am running my 50 :)

Bob - said...

What great times Jamie, Best wishes at Vermont 100...You look ready to Kick Butt!!!

Give it YOUR very Best:-) I will be back to check out ur race report!

Olga said...

Good effort. At first I was about to say the profile looks like my Marquam trail, but the picture is condensed, and I had to look up the numbers. Well, no wonder I couldn't even dream that pace! I gain 700 feet in 2.2 miles clean, plus rolls inside:) But still, that's smokin'!

Phil said...

You'd hardly know that you had a hill in site. Fantastic run.

Cristi said...

Best of luck on the big race!