Monday, July 02, 2007

Fantasy Badwater League

I thought it'd be fun to put together a fantasy league for the Badwater Ultramarathon on July 23-25.

Here's how it works:

1) Look at the list of this year's participants at
2) Research the runners, decide which guys and gals you think are the top folks.
3) Come up with a list of the TOP FIVE guys in the order you think they'll finish, and the TOP THREE women. (more guys than girls in the race, hence the discrepancy).
4) With your lists, guess their finishing times in HOURS: MINUTES: SECONDS format.
5) Email lists to me at jamie (at symbol) jamieofthenorth (dot) com, and I'll compile them.

For each athlete you have in the correct placement, you will receive 10 points. If they are within one slot of which you guessed, then you will get seven points. Two slots, five points. Three slots, three points. Four slots, one point.

For the time, you can get as many as 30 points for correctly guessing the athlete's time. For each minute you are off either over or under, one point will be subtracted. Seconds will be rounded up to the nearest minute. For example, you guess Monica Otero finishes in 40:30:11. She actually finishes 40:39:22. The difference is 9:11, rounded up to nearest minute it's 10 minutes, so that would be 20 additional points.

Another example... for the men someone has:

1. Scott Jurek 24:23:11
2. Dean Karnazes 25:17:59
3. David Balsey 25:18:18
4. David Goggins 28:01:44
5. Anton Millar 29:33:24

The actual results are:
1. Scott Jurek 24:33:12
2. David Goggins 25:19:33
3. Dean Karnazes 25:30:47
4. Brian Kuhn 27:15:09
5. David Balsey 29:55:39

Points would be as follows:
1. Jurek (Placing 10 + Time 19 = 29)
2. Karnazes (Placing 7 + Time 17 = 24)
3. Balsey (Placing 5, no time points = 5)
4. Goggins (Placing 5, no time points = 5)
5. Millar (No placing points, no time points)

Grand total of 63 points.

Person with the most points wins.

Clear as mud? I know it's pretty complex, but so are helicopters, and yet they still fly. If there are any questions, feel free to ask for clarification, it just looks good to me but might not to you.

C'mon, play. It'll be fun and you know it.

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TC Hazzard said...

Nice tough with the picture.

Let's talk soon about the VT100!