Thursday, September 13, 2012

To the Meet and Back

Ran up the hill to our home cross country course. Then ran the cross country course and a little more to double check the course markings. Timed the races, then ran home.

Our teams did well. The boys won and the girls put up a tough fight against a strong contender for the state title. Myself and the other coach are very pleased with the fight they've been showing in their races lately. Really awesome to see kids so passionate about running!

As for my running, it went well. Legs were a bit tired from yesterday, as expected. Nice to do a mix of roads and trails. Looking forward to doing a lot of running up at Mt. Desert Island this weekend, including the last 20 miles of the marathon course. Eric M. is planning on joining me. He's on a way higher level than I am obviously, but I'm hoping to use him as a pull at least for a while.

Ran 2.0 miles @ 8:47/mile pace. Up the hill to the cross country meet.
Ran 3.6 miles @ 9:36/mile pace. Ran the cross country course and then some to check up on it.
Ran 2.0 miles @ 8:51/mile pace. Down the hill to the cross country meet.
Paved roads on the way up and down, technical trails on course.
Extremely hilly on the roads, moderately hilly on the course.
Lower 80s, sunny.
Brooks Mach 13, shorts, short sleeved shirt, cap, handheld bottle (H20).

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