Saturday, September 22, 2012

Pineland Farms

Kate is sick. Half of my students are sick. Half the cross country team is sick. I wouldn't say I'm sick, at least not yet. But I can tell deep down my body is fighting something. It's kind of like listening to the muffled artillery fire from a battle going on several miles away.

That, along with it being early morning and also not feeling really motivated formed an unholy trinity I had to overcome for today's run. I hit Pineland Farms and wanted to get in some miles before volunteering at a race there. My buddy Stephen was directing it and it benefited the Cancer Community Center in South Portland. Was happy to help out.

Run wasn't totally terrible. After I warmed up, I threw in a few surges to see how it felt. Felt fine, so a good part of it was just in my head, I suspect. Kept it very easy all the same. Still, I'm hoping I feel well enough to get in a final key workout before the taper... well, kind of, anyway. I typically do a three week taper, though the first week is only a minor step back. I'd like to get in a few more tempo runs next week though.

Ran 7.9 miles @ 10:16/mile pace.
Moderately hilly.
Mid 50s, overcast, light rain.
New Balance MT110, shorts, long sleeved shirt.

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