Sunday, September 23, 2012

Boston Bound!

It's officially official: I'm in. Very honored to be partaking in my third Boston Marathon in a row. What was a huge monkey on my back for years is now something attainable and I truly appreciate it. Definitely don't take it for granted and am humbled to have qualified for the Big Show yet again.

After the MDI Marathon, will do what I did the other two years which is take the second half of October and all of November really easy... low mileage and simply give the body and mind a break. When December rolls around, I'll start ramping things up throughout the month and begin the new year pretty much in the full swing of things as I train for Beantown.

For Boston this year, I think discipline will be key. Would love to work with a coach or at least a more laid out plan, as opposed to simply playing things by ear. Ryan Hall came to his senses on that matter and I should do the same, even if though I'm nowhere near his level.


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Oh man are you gonna crush it! Talk about patience.