Saturday, February 25, 2012

Project Green Light

Today was a good test for the dip in energy I experienced a few days ago. I would have good friends to pull me along in case part of the problem was just a figment in my mind. Additionally, there was an inch or two of fresh, wet snow blanketing the trails...not fast conditions and a good strength workout. Biggest test yet for the Yaktrax Pro's and they performed quite well (full review very soon).

Success. Felt fine throughout which was awesome. It was of course tempting to stay with Ian, Jeremy and Zak for their session of hill repeats, but best not push it. Blaine and I bid them farewell and ran down the mountain hill. We then headed to his place where he interviewed me for his podcast which was good fun and then we mowed down some gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches. They rocked.

Looking ahead: Another easy day tomorrow for some insurance. May do a hard workout on Monday if I feel ready.

Ran 9.5 miles @ 10:27/mile pace.
Trails, coated with 1"-2" of unbroken slushy snow.
Extremely hilly.
Mid 30s, sunny, breezy.
New Balance MT110 w/ Yaktrax Pros, long tights, windbreaker (shed after a mile and a half), short sleeved shirt, beanie, gloves.


unstrung said...

i believe in the power of grilled cheese.

mindy said...

I second that emotion. Glad you are feelin' perky again!