Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Pain and Agony of Rest Days

After much deliberation, I opted to take a rest day today. I feel fine and recovery from the Pemi Loop run is going super. No soreness left, not even in my quads. But I think only running every other day until the weekend is probably smart.

I'd rather play things safe here. The marathon is now just two months away (holy crap!). The hay has been piling nicely in the barn and I want to keep the momentum going, which is why using this week as an exaggerated recovery week is somewhat of a paradox. Laying off this week hurts the momentum mentally, but by doing so, physically it should surely help build to it. Looking at my training logs, I've taken a similar approach the week after the past several Pemi runs, and it's boded quite well.

There, now that I've typed that, I feel somewhat vindicated.


middle.professor said...

Probably wise but I had a low mileage week the week before last because of the B2B/Breaker so I don't want to have another now. I'm taking the chance and pressing on!

sn0m8n said...

And Jamie's getting LARRRRGGGERRRRR!