Saturday, August 28, 2010

Long Run to Beat the Heat Wave

Yet another heat wave starting tomorrow, so I decided a few days ago to do my long run today as opposed to Sunday. Good call, as it was a beautiful morning. While it did warm to the upper 70s at the end of the run, the air was still very pretty dry so it didn't seem bad at all.

Run started out fine on a few miles of relatively flat roads. My rhythm felt a bit off until I started hitting the real hills around four or five miles in when the climb up Deering Ridge began. At that point, I felt more comfortable.

Witnessed something quite sad about nine miles into the run while I was on a dirt road in the woods. I saw a very mangy fox or small coyote laying on the road. It was in such bad shape I really couldn't tell which. It struggled to get away, and it looked very, very sick. Heartbreaking to see. Didn't look like it was hit by a car, just really ill. Considered calling animal control, but doubt they would have cared much since it was in the woods after all. Nature just has to do it's thing, as sad as it is to see sometimes.

A few miles later, swung by the house and drank some water really quickly and was off again. I was now a little over halfway done, doing the hilliest section first. This was by design, as I just wanted to have a successful long run.

A good sign on the second half though as the speed picked up on the now easier section.  Eight of the last ten miles were all sub-8:00/mile, with the last seven miles acting as a progression whittling down to a 7:11 split for the last mile, and though tired, it still felt pretty easy at the same time. Last ten miles turned out to be a 7:44/mile pace average.

Very successful run. Already over 65 miles for the week, recovery run tomorrow should put me over 70.

Ran 21.1 miles @ 7:55/mile pace.
Paved and dirt roads.
Moderately hilly.
Upper 50s to upper 70s, sunny.
Saucony Kinvaras, shorts, sleeveless shirt, cap.

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sn0m8n said...


Sparkplug said...

Nice! You are one fast man. Can't wait to see you run at MDI!!!

middle.professor said...

Nature is cruel. [most] farmed animals are raised in what we think of as cruel conditions but you just witnessed that death in nature is way crueler than death on a farm (that said, there's much to do with improving conditions on farms). Reminds me of when I asked my neighbor what he was raising [his free-range] chickens for, expecting a reply like "the eggs" or "the meat" but his reply was "the foxes".

And great run!

John said...

Ran 21.1 miles @ 7:55/mile pace! Wow!

Jamie said...

After doing a bit of research, looks like the fox/coyote was possibly in the latter stage of rabies.

John said...

So this run is how long from when you stress fractured your foot? I'm almost at 7 weeks and am happy to walk without people asking if I'm limping.

Jamie said...

John, first run post stress-fracture was June 2nd. I also went on a really intense diet regiment a few weeks after which really helped on several fronts, including losing weight which equates to less stress on the body all around.