Saturday, August 21, 2010

National Trail Running Day

I celebrated National Trail Running Day with a run on the Bradbury Bruiser course with the Trail Monsters. Really good run. Just looking at the overall pace, it looks slow, but it's hard to run "fast" on this course due in large part to the twists and turns, primarily in the Lanzo and the dreaded O-Trail sections. Pretty rocky and rooty to boot. Effort overall was pretty moderate, despite the seemingly slow pace.

Great time. Weather was awesome this morning. Talked with Jeff quite a bit during the run. We're both running October marathons and both of our training plans have been coming together nicely, so it's been fun lately to compare notes with him.

Would write more, but have a lot of cleaning to do before my mum comes into town tomorrow.

Ran 12.0 miles @ 10:01/mile pace.
Rugged, twisty trails.
Moderately hilly.
Lower 50s to mid 60s, sunny.
Brooks Cascadia 3, shorts, short sleeved shirt, handheld bottle (water).

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