Sunday, August 29, 2010

Capping off a 70+ Mile Week

Feels great to be able to hit a relatively high mileage week with 71.8 miles total. It went well, full of solid workouts, most notably the tempo run on Tuesday and yesterday's long run.

I consider this kind of mileage my redline. Doing this mileage on a weekly basis only increases the chance of injury significantly, at least for me. However, doing them every now and then does have great benefits, especially if I'm smart about how I do them and pull back to allow recovery. With that in mind, will take it easy the first half of next week.

Purpose of today's run was to shake the legs loose after yesterday's long run. Opted to hit the trails in the woods out back now that the deer flies have waned considerably. I felt a few out there, but not many at all and they were not an issue. They're usually gone by the first week of September, so glad to see they're on schedule for going away, despite an awful season where they got an early start and were numerous and aggressive for much of this summer.

Run itself went quite well. Took my time trotting along and was really stoked to see about a dozen other runners out there on the fire road section! In an area where most people don't take to the trails unless they're on something with a gas motor, this was great to see. Turns out I even knew one of them, a fellow educator who I had a grad school class with a year and a half ago. Hope the trend continues!

Ran 6.6 miles @ 9:37/mile pace.
Trails, fire roads.
Very hilly.
Upper 60s to upper 70s, sunny.
Brooks Cascadia 3, shorts, singlet.

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Kim said...

Jamie, THANK YOU for the heads up on the Deer Flies and I hope they take their little friends with them (those little black bugs no bigger than a gnat). I have no idea what they are, but they are killing me on runs lately as they seem to love to fly into my eyes and mouth. :-O.

A big congrats on the 70 miles and for listening to your body before it gets injured. Sometimes the further I get in miles, the more I want to push it and it always back fires and I get hurt.