Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Test Run for the Ankle

As expected, today's run to test out the ankle went fine. I rolled it pretty good on the long run last Sunday, and would classify what resulted as a moderate sprain.

Taking the past two days off was the right call, as it was quite swollen, bruised and a bit tender. But today I felt okay for the run. It went great, I only felt the sprain a little at first and that went away quickly. All systems go.

Run itself was an out and back from the school on the old raildroad bed. Went pretty well, but felt a little sluggish especially at first, due to the two days off. Still, good run and I just took it pretty easy anyway.

Ran 8.3 miles @ 8:59/pace.
Trails, coated with ice and thin snow.
Slightly hilly.
Around 30 degrees, partly sunny.
Brooks Cascadia 3 (screw shoes), long pants, windbreaker, short sleeved shirt, beanie, gloves (off and on).


Sparkplug said...

Glad the ankle is feeling better!

Bob - said...

way to be smart and rest the ankle a bit, now get back to it :-)

vja said...


Sonriserunning said...

Glad that your ankle is doing better. Injuries are a part of training--you don't seem to let them keep you down for long. Keep up the incredible workload!