Saturday, February 27, 2010

Spring Running

Sure, sure. We still have three weeks until it's technically spring, but it's already arrived here in southern Maine. Today encompassed that quite nicely with trails coated in a thin layer of fresh wet, heavy snow over fragile ice that our feet were begging to punch through, which they did quite often. Most of us, if not all of us (Ian, Lily, Jim, Nate and Four), took a few tumbles as a result (but no real injuries, thankfully). And when there wasn't snow or ice there was mud. Lots of mud. Really tough conditions to run in, but still a fun challenge.

Weather wise, we had rain and crazy sleet that was nearly the size of peas. Not really hail, as it wasn't dense. It was odd. Kind of resembled those ice cream dots you buy at baseball games that come in the little helmet.

Run went well. We got a little off the path at one point, so that slowed us down, but that just added to the adventure. Felt a bit sluggish at first, but on the return back I snapped out of it and felt quite energetic.

Ran 10.3 miles @ 10:26/mile pace.
Trails coated with snow, fragile ice, puddles and mud. Lots of mud.
Very hilly.
Upper 30s, mostly cloudy. Rain, sleet at times.
Asics Trail Attacks, long pants (shed down to shorts halfway through), windbreaker, short sleeved shirt, beanie.

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Canada wins gold!!! Sorry bout that ;-) NOT!