Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Cross Training Day

Opted to cross train today. Running outside has been depressing lately, as there is hardly any snow and those lucky bastards down in the mid-Atlantic states are getting walloped with yet another blizzard. I really want to skate ski! I'm off next week, and may have to drive an hour or two up to the mountains to get some in (or 11 hours down to D.C. and ski on the streets down there).

Anyway, workout today blasted my quads which was a good thing. Did the elliptical a bit different, going forward for ten minutes, then backwards for five minutes, repeat. Afterwards, hopped on the stat bike for a climbing workout.

Music on the iPod varied, but included the Arctic Monkeys, The Killers, Radiohead and Ween.

Elliptical: 6.7 miles in 30 minutes (10 min forward, 5 min. backward X2). Level 11 of 16. Random hill setting.

Stat bike: 6.7 miles in 20 minutes. Level 11 of 15. Climbing setting (three big ascents).

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