Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Another Attempt at Take-Off

These past five months or so have without a doubt been the worst stretch of running I've ever encountered. However, what goes down must also go up, so I'm hoping that time is now. The nasty cold I had is now gone, and any PF issues will just be dealt with as I go along.

Today, just five miles at an easy pace. Went well. No real complaints, but nothing exciting to really elaborate on at the same time. Looks like another big snow storm tomorrow, but I'm planning on strapping the snow shoes on and going for a good hike in the woods out back.

Ran 5.0 miles @ 8:20/mile pace.
AHR/MHR - 152/166
Paved roads, patches of ice and packed snow.
Slightly hilly.
Mid 20s, sunny.
Long pants, fleece jacket, short sleeved shirt, beanie, gloves.


Grellan said...

Keep the faith - you're getting there.

Bob - BlogMYruns.com said...

Just a test Mr Teacher :-)

, what did u think u would roll up into this 09' in full training mode for WS---haha no way my friend you got to go through a little battle to get back that grove u had last year, good news is you will pass, just keep focused!

mindy said...

Slow and steady - chalk this up as a "good" day and the good days will start piling up before you know it.

Pathfinder said...

I woulnd't worry Jamie....there is nothing that can stop you long term and beside there are slow runners like me that would be happy to post your 8:30 pace (slow) run any day of the week.