Sunday, November 05, 2006

Pineland Farms Trail Run

Ran at least 20.0 miles @ ~8:30/mile pace.

I met up with my running group this morning at Pineland Farms. We were all doing varying distances, with most of the group getting in about 10 miles, but Jim and I opted for more. My plan was to do 20, and Jim was going to do 18. He is always good running company, and I first met him at the 50K race we ran here last May.

Overall, I felt great throughout. I was having some chaffing issues, but when we swung by our cars at around the 14th mile, I found some lotion and that took care of things. We really did great with the many roller-coaster hills, knocking them out with relative ease. I say that because they really kicked my butt during the race last spring (I did a really tough 26 mile trail run the week before that race).

Jim waited for me to do my last couple of miles after he finished his quota, then we went out for a late breakfast. It's nice to not to have to cook after a big run, and the place we went to had excellent coffee.

It's amazing how much easier my body feels after running on trails, as opposed to roads. I feel like I could go out now for another run (but I won't).

Also worth noting: Mt. Washington was in clear view from the top of the hill where we parked. Really neat.


Mark said...

Sounds like a good run and nice views. How was the ultra the day before?

Marc said...

It's nice not to ever have to cook, but alas..

Any plans on the race up the Mt. Washington auto road?

Jamie said...

MarK - Volunteering at the ultra was an absolute blast. The Giles Athletic Club hosted it and are a great bunch of folks. I really enjoyed it and also fulfilled my service requirement for the Vermont 100. Woohoo!

MarC - I ran the Mt. Washington Road Race last year, it was a hoot! I'm definitely going to enter the lottery again this year. Very challenging, yet very, very fun!