Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Wussin' Out

Ran 10.5 miles @ 7:40/mile pace. Paved roads. Slightly hilly.
Weather: Mid 40s, overcast.

To me, it's pretty annoying to set out with a certain mileage in mind and then not run it. Even if the reasons are legit, I feel like a big, fat wuss. I guess today is one of those days. I can go through the gamut of excuses, which would include yesterday's hill workout kicked my butt, I was under dressed and began to feel cold halfway through the run, and I had to go to the bathroom (pretty bad). All are true and I guess all are good reasons to decide to cut the run short. You know what? It doesn't matter. I still didn't do the 15 that I had planned on doing and I feel like a wuss because it.

I began to think of the above hermenutically, and decided it's a good thing. Whenever I've felt this way in the past, I've almost always came back swinging. So, with that in mind, so be it. Looking past my self-loathing, I still had a good workout today. It was a quality run despite the obstacles. Tomorrow will be a challenge since I have an extra busy day with work and grad school, so I may not be able to make up for things then, but soon. Oh yes, soon. I'm smelling some good running going on Friday through Sunday for sure.

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