Friday, November 03, 2006

More Hills

Ran 8.3 miles @ 7:46/mile pace.

I ran an abbreviated version of my Hills of Annihilation route this afternoon (normally it's 10.7). It was a bit shorter because of a different start point. I had grad school today and ran afterwards from there. The 2.4 miles that were cut from the route are all pretty flat, so I was still able to benefit from the hills. Weather was a bit cool, with temps starting in the upper-30s dropping into the mid-30s during the run.

I felt great throughout the run. My legs have made leaps in bounds in recovery this week. I took it slow going up the hills, but began to pour it on a bit on the downhills and final flat sections once my legs were warmed up.

Here are the splits and some notes:
Mile 1 - 7:56 Big uphill climb
Mile 2 - 8:11 Sharp downhill followed by sharp uphill
Mile 3 - 8:15 Continuing climb
Mile 4 - 7:58 Final uphill stretch and beginning of downhills
Mile 5 - 7:57 Steep downhills
Mile 6 - 7:50 Flat section
Mile 7 - 7:17 Feeling good, so I pour it on
Mile 8 - 7:05 Feeling great
Final .3 - 6:45/mile pace. Still feeling great.

A good run for sure. Tomorrow, I'm volunteering at the Stone Cat 50-mile ultra and trail marathon down in Massachusetts, so I won't be able to run. That'll give me a chance to rest up a little for the long run on Sunday.

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