Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Cold, Dark, Misty

Ran 12.5 miles @ 7:58/mile pace. Paved roads. Extremely hilly.
Weather - lower 30s, dark and misty.

Yesterday's rest day helped recharge the batteries a little. I came out feeling very strong overall today. The first 5 miles of this route are all uphill and I ran those sections with ease. I did take it very easy though, and didn't push too hard (splits averaged around 8:15/mile). I opened it up a little more after that point, but again, not too much (around 7:45/mile).

I'm taking it easy on purpose for more of my runs in order to get more miles in. I've decided this a better route to go, which is not to say I plan on neglecting tempo runs or speed workouts. However, I may take my pace easy for another week or two while I adjust.

The weather was interesting in that a few snow flakes fell earlier in the day (or so I was told), and the precipitation during my run was borderline on being frozen. I was waiting to feel a few pellets of sleet but that never came. Just a pretty thick mist.

I plan on running around 15 tomorrow. Thursday will be a challenging, since I have a staff meeting and grad school that evening. But Friday through Sunday are looking open.

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