Friday, November 24, 2006

Bringing up the Mileage

Ran 12.2 miles @ 7:39/mile pace. Paved paths. Very flat.
Weather: Sunny, temps in the mid-40s warming up to lower 50s.

I'm realizing just how big of a difference running on flat terrain makes. Today marked my third day in a row of mileage over 10 miles, and it's really seemed quite easy. Had I run the same mileage on my routes back home, I don't think I'd be performing nearly as well.

I'm on track to break 70 miles this week, maybe even 80. Either way, it'll be my highest weekly total mileage yet. I'm feeling good so far. Great, in fact. I need more weeks like this one if I'm going to run as well as I'd like to at the Hyannis Marathon.

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