Saturday, November 25, 2006

A Doozy

Ran 20.1 miles @ 8:01/mile pace. Paved paths, very flat.
Weather: Sunny, temps in the mid-40s climbing to mid-50s.

My final run for my stay down here in Jersey was a good one. I wanted to wear myself out so I'd be nice and relaxed for the ride home to Maine this afternoon. With the mileage I've put on this week, I knew today would be a bit tough. I actually felt very good for the first 15 miles, but the last five were a bit of a struggle, but not too bad.

I didn't exactly plan for a high weekly total this week. It just kind of happened. Having Wednesday through Friday off definitely made it easier. With the extra time, I just felt "why not?". It's worked out well. No injuries. No really feeling banged up. Just some tired, but still very capable muscles.

Another run tomorrow will put me up higher. Most likely between 10-15 miles.


Andrew said...

That's some nice mileage and a great pace to boot! Keep that up.

Mark said...

WTG on that 20-miler!