Thursday, April 26, 2012

Piddly Run

Legs felt really heavy today. I wondered if that would go away if I kept going but decided to play it safe and cut it short. Kind of disappointing, but patience is key.

That's about all I got. Here, watch this instead:

Ran 1.6 miles @ 8:45/mile pace.
Paved roads.
Slightly hilly.
Lower 60s, partly cloudy, breezy.
Brooks Mach 13, shorts, short sleeved shirt.


Jeremy Bonnett said...

Yup, just amazing, the vid never gets old.

Robert Stuart said...

This video gave me much needed motivation to get out and run last night. Thanks, Jamie.
I've got a Half on Saturday. I was wondering how you warmed up and fueled during your last half marathon?

Jamie said...

Good luck tomorrow, Stu! I ran 1.8 miles to warm-up, the middle of which was a light and gradual uphill acceleration. Dinner the night before I had cheese tortellini, garlic bread and a barley soda. The morning of I had a large, homemade fruit smoothie and an everything bagel with light creamed cheese. Best of luck, I'll keep an eye out on Daily Mile to see how you did.

Robert Stuart said...

Did you take on some GU during the Half?

Jamie said...

Yes, took one a little after mile eight right before a big series of hills. Washed it down with a very small cup of water, much of which spilled. Didn't hydrate otherwise, but it was also a very cool day that day.