Sunday, April 29, 2012

Legs Are Coming Around

Some light good news this morning, as I examined yesterday's run data a little more closely and discovered that I had turned off my GPS and forgot to turn it on for a good stretch at the end. Looks like I can safely add another mile to that run (already adjusted the logs). That mile was at the end and was pretty fast. Even throughout the run, it was a bit of a light fartlek, where I opened things up on the wider trails when they were uncrowded.

Then there was today, where I ran in the woods out back this morning. Legs felt super and I slowed myself down a couple of times but overall I just went with it. I think my legs would benefit with some quicker turnover at this stage and they could absorb it just fine. Felt really great out there. Legs felt fresh and springy.

Glad to have two good days in a row, especially with today. Very hilly, and while roughly half of it is fire roads, it's still really hilly and the rest of the loop is technical sections that are pretty rugged.

On a bit of a down note, came across on a guy riding an ATV who had lost his dog the other day and was out looking for it. It was obvious he was distraught over it. I told him the route I was running and that I'd keep a sharp eye out, and I did, but no luck.

Tomorrow is a rest day, or maybe just a few miles barefoot on the soccer fields. Either Tuesday or Wednesday will be a tempo run. Should be a solid week of training that will serve as a good tune-up followed by a two week taper to Sugarloaf, which was the plan all along. Stoked to be on track. Confidence is high.

Ran 7.7 miles @ 8:46/mile pace.
Trails, fire roads.
Very hilly.
Mid to upper 40s, sunny, breezy.
New Balance MT110, shorts, windbreaker (shed 1.3 miles in), short sleeved shirt, cap.

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Jeremy Bonnett said...

Some zippy runs man. Glad to hear your recovering well and gettin' ready!