Friday, April 06, 2012

Head Cold? Allergies?

Nose is stuffy, coughing a bit and sneezing up a storm.  Had a sore throat earlier this week also. Is it a head cold? Allergies? Both? Little matter. Regardless, I feel like crap. Nixing today's run as a result.

The bright side is that this is coming at a very good time. Since I'm in a taper, I'm not missing any training.  It's also far enough away from Boston that I suspect I'll be 100% better by then and my immune system will have rebounded. That greatly reduces the chance of me being sick on race day as a result.

Still planning on running around 10 miles at Pineland tomorrow. I feel I could still do today's short run as planned, but better safe than sorry and I'll opt to rest for now instead.

1 comment:

mindy said...

Excellent timing Jamie - you'll be in top health for Boston!!