Saturday, March 31, 2012

One More Mile for Sunshine

Big ups to my friend Blaine for completing a ginormous running feat today, his One More Mile for Sunshine Challenge. He ran as many miles as it was the day of the month for March. That means March 1st = 1 mile, March 2 = miles, etc, etc, all the way up to the final day today, which meant 31 miles.  Easy enough early in the month, but when you get towards the end...well...brutal.

But he did it and looked great doing it. And it was all for a good cause. He did it to raise funds for Camp Sunshine, which is a camp on Lake Sebago for kids with terminal illnesses. Their parents can come up with their children and stay there to enjoy quality time together in a beautiful setting. Great charity for sure.

Some of the participants today.
A host of us were there to support Blaine on his final day and it was a lot of fun. Many folks, if not most, ran long with a very good chunk also doing the full 50k for the day. Me? Not so much. I just had one lap of the course on tap which was 6.1 miles long. Very fun trail run though.

Finished up and pulled out a chair and read (Stephen King's "Full Dark, No Stars") while everyone else ran. Kate did great, getting in 12.5 miles.

Once everyone finished, a few of us went to the Blacksmith Winery for a tasting and I picked up a bottle of their blueberry wine, which I found to be most excellent. I'm more of a beer guy, but this is good stuff.

Looking forward to heading down to Beantown tomorrow to run the last 15 miles of the course with some friends. Should be another grand day centered around running!

Blaine finishing!

Trail Monsters after the run.

Jeff, myself and Kate.

Me, Kate, Blaine, Christine, Erin, Bob and Nate
at the Blacksmith Winery afterwards.
Ran 6.1 miles @ 9:24/mile pace.
Trails, small section of paved road.
Mostly flat.
Mid 30s to around 40, partly cloudy.
Brooks Mach 13, shorts, short sleeved shirt, long sleeved shirt, beanie, gloves.

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Jeremy Bonnett said...

Thanks for hangin' in the cold and supporting. Glad you had a good time in Boston.