Thursday, September 22, 2011

Mile Repeats

Wanted to get in another interval session before I start tapering for the MDI Marathon as I haven't done one in a while. Opted for mile repeats with a quarter mile of active recovery.

All day at work and cross country practice, I didn't feel too peppy. After those were over and I did my warm-up, I still didn't feel peppy. Fortunately, on the intervals... I felt peppy.

Splits were 5:49, 5:56, 5:51, 5:49 and 5:45. That's an average of 5:50/mile. I'll have to double check, but I'm pretty sure that's my fastest session of mile repeats ever (post edit: it was, by a pretty large margin).

Hit the cool down drenched in sweat (super muggy out) but very satisfied with how I did. I wasn't expecting it, but I'm definitely welcoming it.

w/u - Ran 1.6 miles @ 7:38/mile pace.
5 x 1 mile repeats w/ .25 mile active recovery. Overall average pace including active recovery = 6:23/mile.
c/d - Ran 1.5 miles @ 9:47/mile pace.

Paved roads for w/u and c/d.
Slightly hilly for w/u and c/d.
Track for repeats.
Mid 60s, overcast, muggy.
Brooks Mach 13, shorts, short sleeved shirt.


Grellan said...

Great session Jamie - no problem with your speed. MDI should be good.

Thomas said...

Crikey! Someone's in great shape.

middle.professor said...

Jamie that's a killer workout. Well done. Indeed it's the workout of a sub3 marathoner. That said, I get the impression that top marathon coaches are really emphasizing specificity as the runner gets closer to the race. So long intervals at a little less than MP (3 X 3 miles) and long continuous runs at MP (10-15 miles).

Jamie said...

Very logical suggestion Jeff, thanks. That's something to consider for sure for the next cycle.