Monday, February 28, 2011

And So Ends February

Today is a rest day, and also an extension to the week off as school was canceled today with the impending snow/ice storm. So I can now call it good for the month, and overall I'm pretty happy with how things have gone.

I closed the month with 238.4 miles, and have had four consecutive 60+ mile weeks. For me, that's awesome and I'm very happy with that, especially considering this winter is a pretty harsh one. Scheduling the running around (or through) snow storms and battling the elements always poses a challenge, but if you live in a colder climate, you just learn to work with it.

Quality workouts this month as well, but there are still some things to work on. I mentioned it in a post last week, but I feel I need to get in more marathon-paced and also moderate paced runs. In the past couple of weeks in particular, it seems like I've been getting more of the extreme ends.. either fast interval work or LSD runs and slower recovery runs, but not enough of the middle ground. That'll be the focus the next several weeks.

Also would like to get in some more downhill work. My quads have a tendency to complain more than any other muscle group when they take a beating. Boston has lots of downhills, so I'd like some insurance and do some running drills focused on getting them more acclimated.

This next week will be a step-down week. It was supposed to be last week, but I was feeling great still and thought I'd ride the wave. But now is a good time. A step back should lead to a few extra steps forward. No more than 40-45 miles this week, maybe even a bit less.


mindy said...

Makin' hay!! Yee haw! Keep up the awesome work!

Jeremy said...

Strong work man, impressive numbers that are showing!

DvB said...

Congrats on the "wave", man! Great work:-)