Monday, December 06, 2010


Busy, whirlwind of a day that's drawing to a close. Speaking of whirlwinds... I managed to squeeze in a run right after work and before taking The Cheat to the vet. A cold wind was blowing from seemingly every direction and knocked me around like a prizefighter.

That wasn't so bad compared to the cold I've come down with. Felt it this morning when I woke up and while teaching went okay, when I ran after work it was apparent I'm definitely a bit sick with a head cold that is sapping my strength a touch.

I had planned on around 7:45/mile pace but based on how I was feeling I slowed it down, which was wise. What would have been wiser would have been just to nix today's run, but I know running tomorrow will be very difficult due to taking several students to visit some college campuses and it will be an extended day. Still, two rest days in a row would have been nice, and I may still do that by taking Wednesday off if I feel I need to.

Ran 5.0 miles @ 8:01/mile pace.
AHR/MHR - 138/150
Paved roads.
Slightly hilly.
Upper 20s, overcast, windy.
Brooks Mach 11, long pants, windbreaker, long sleeved shirt, beanie, gloves.

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