Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Nordic Time!!!

While I was in Florida, a blizzard hit back home in Maine. I began to drool as thoughts of skate skiing danced in my brain. That was multiplied when I saw the local Nordic center, Harris Farm, got enough snow and was now open for skiing.

I got back yesterday in the late afternoon, so I hit Harris Farm this morning and purchased my season pass. I was giddy with excitement. I just picked up this sport last year and had a complete blast with it.

It's funny, because while I do relatively well at running, I suck at XC skiing. Case in point for purposes of comparison only: I finished 40th overall place at the MDI Marathon in October and was in the top 5%. At a Nordic race late in the season last year, I finished third from last and worked my butt off for it. Folks, this sport is tough. Raw athleticism will only carry one so far (maybe 10 feet) and technique is so crucial in this sport which is why I think it's so much fun. Combine great athleticism with great technique, and you have guys that can do this:

Flipping amazing. This sport is just awesome. It's challenging, gets your heart rate jacked and it's simply a blast.

Anyway, back to this morning. The trails were pretty good, considering it was only the first real snow of the season. Conditions were a bit soft because the trails aren't as packed down yet, and also it got a bit warm today. Still, it was great.

I was definitely a bit rusty, especially at first, which was to be expected. Biggest rust was felt when V2-ing up the hills. But overall I fared better than I thought I would. Glad the season is underway. Looks like it's going to continue to warm up going into the weekend, and we might even get some rain (WTF?!), but hopefully another blast of snow isn't too far off.

Skate skied 9.7 km @ 9.8 kph/avg.
AHR/MHR - 148/167* (took several breaks)
Trails, soft and a bit slow.
Very hilly.
Upper 20s to lower 30s, sunny.
Long pants, windbreaker, short sleeved shirt, beanie, gloves.

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