Thursday, February 19, 2009

Active Release Therapy, Session #3

Today focused on continuing to loosen up the left calf, specifically working on a big knot there. I can really feel said knot when I use the foam roller (that sucker hurts).

Also, the fascia running along my entire left leg is very tight. Work was focused on loosening that up, as well as the inflamed plantar fascia itself.

Looking forward to a run tomorrow. Not sure if I'll hit the beach or just run locally.


Mark said...

Is that beach as in Hyannis? Will you be there this year?

John said...

What, run on a beach? - No no no, that can't be good for someone with PF.

Jamie said...

Mark - I'm registered for Hyannis, but won't be running it. Beach run was here in Maine.

John - It doesn't seem to bother the PF. Sand is hard packed, more akin to trail running.