Saturday, December 01, 2012

Wintery Run

Past two days off. On Thursday, a very inefficient meeting ran late and afterwards there wasn't much daylight left. Had the discussions been run properly, the meeting probably could have...and should have...taken 20 minutes. Instead, two hours later I was mentally exhausted and just wanted to go home.

Yesterday, I hadn't gotten much sleep the night before and decided to come home and take a nap instead. I was more or less okay with that since I knew my revised weekend running plans would still have me on target for my mileage for the week.

So... today... I was very anxious to get out the door this morning and then I grew even more excited when I saw it was snowing. Looking at the radar, it looked like I would have it throughout the run so I was pretty stoked to get out the door and enjoy it.

My hands and toes felt especially cold for the first few miles, despite warm gloves and wool socks. I was a bit puzzled at first but chalked it up to not really being acclimated to colder temperatures yet (22F/-6C outside). The body was probably jumping the gun a little and pulling  blood to the core to keep the organs warm, even though I was sufficiently layered. Fortunately, a few miles later things returned to normal, but not before my toes went through that unpleasant burning feeling of blood returning. After that, very comfortable all around though.

About five miles into the run, heard a series of honks that conveyed hey, I know you! What's up! I'm pretty sure it was Ann? If so, thanks.

Run went smoothly. Very easy pace throughout, but with the powdery snow on the road shoulders it didn't allow much room for speed, but that wasn't on the agenda today anyway. Distance was. Another good step-up to getting used to longer runs. The snow also provided the added benefit (of sorts) of taxing the muscles a little more from micro-slippage with each step. Good start to the month.

These guys rule:

Ran 15.3 miles @ 8:31/mile pace.
Paved roads, covered with a thin layer of powdery snow.
Moderately hilly.
Lower 20s, overcast, moderate to light snow throughout.
Saucony Kinvara 3, long tights, windbreaker, short sleeved shirt, long sleeved shirt, beanie, gloves.

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