Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Pond Hockey/Cross Training

Some of my Christmas presents yesterday included hockey skates, a stick and a puck. Was eager to break them all in so Kate and I headed over to Fairmount Park in Bangor where a large frozen puddle had solid ice and was great for tooling around.

This was only my second time ice skating and I was very pleased at how well I picked things up today. The skate skiing definitely helped me pick things up faster, and chasing around a puck with a stick provided a great way to focus and keep my mind off falling (only fell once) and I feel like it accelerated my progress.

Some younger kids who were very adept at hockey showed up and graciously granted me permission to take a few shots on their net, which was fun. It's a great sport. Too bad it's not bigger throughout the state.

Kate also had fun. Borrowing my stick from time to time and also happy to just be skating around practicing turns and hockey stops. We ended up skating around for about an hour.

So, excellent cross training. It worked out my legs pretty hard in ways they aren't used to. It'll be fun to play hockey here and there throughout the winter and help strengthen the legs, especially the quads!

Put the biscuit in the basket!

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