Thursday, October 20, 2011

First Post-Marathon Run

The original plan was to take a full week off from running after the marathon to ensure proper recovery. Well, that lasted three days, but I feel my reasoning is sound. First off, my legs have never felt better after a marathon and recovery is going much quicker than anticipated. Secondly, I thought it would actually do some good to shake the legs loose a bit. Run went well and I kept the pace very easy. Likely won't run again until Sunday.

So what now? I'm pretty much going to run maintenance miles until December. That'll likely mean just 20-30 easy miles a week and a couple of days off each week. Reason being simply to give the body a break.

Once December rolls around, I plan to start ramping up the mileage and by Christmas time, it'll be 16 weeks out from the Boston Marathon, and I'll begin my training regiment.

Ran 3.1 miles @ 8:52/mile pace.
Paved roads.
Mostly flat.
Mid 60s (yuck), sunny.
Brooks Mach 13, shorts, short sleeved shirt.


TC Hazzard said...

Your maintenance mileage is my training mileage. I guess I will have to work on 10 miles per week until December.

Kevin said...

If you're running Boston, you should read that book about training through a Maine winter.

Jeremy Bonnett said...

Let's have a few of those maintenance miles at Sawyer Mnt.

Jamie said...

Yessir! But only on Sunday's until hunting season is over.